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The best way to find out what we’re like is to visit us on a Sunday when the whole church gathers at 11am for worship, teaching and prayer. On other days, there are groups that aim to serve the community in and around the wider area.

Visiting us on Sundays


We love meeting new people, so you'll be assured of a warm welcome.

During the meeting

The meeting starts at 11am, and normally finishes around 12.30pm. It’s a very informal family atmosphere, and there’ll be opportunity for people to share things that God has done for them, before we then enter into a time of worship, prayer, and teaching from the Bible. There is always opportunity to receive prayer for healing, or other needs, either during the meeting, or after it.


Many of us go to a local restaurant after the meeting and enjoy fellowship over an inexpensive meal. Do join us if you’d like to. There’s no need to book.


Sunday morning

For those who would like to join us to pray for the meeting, we meet at 10am for 30min of prayer.

During the week

On the first Wednesday of each month, we meet for prayer at 11am at the church centre. Come when you can. Go when you must!

Life Groups

We have small groups that meet during the week in people’s homes. These provide an opportunity to deepen friendships, care and pray for one another, and study the Bible. We usually discuss how we can apply the teaching given on the previous Sunday. Do see Robin, the Pastor, if you’d like to join one of these groups.

Ladies' Craft Group

Meets on Monday from 11am at a local home. The venue is usually announced in the notices. Ask the Pastor’s wife, Julie, for directions.


We encourage one another to bring gifts of food. Sometimes these are used to meet the needs of people in our own congregation. The rest of the food donated is passed along to a local Spanish charity called Caritas, who distribute it as needed.


When you’ve been attending New Life Church for a few weeks, and are feeling at home among us, we invite people to join us in Partnership. Partners are those who want to openly commit themselves to the work that God is doing among us at New Life Church. To help you in this we invite you to meet with Robin, the Pastor, and let him discuss with you the church’s vision and the foundational New Testament teachings on which we’re building; and to discuss why Partnership can be of benefit to all of us.


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